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Subscription and Cancellation Policies

To utilize Casino Backlinks hosting services, you must have an active membership. Where noted, all customers receive a 14-day free trial that can be extended upon request at our discretion. However, all fees must be paid in advance beyond this trial time.

You must deactivate your account before your renewal is due if you want to do so. Any appointed reseller’s client portal or our dashboard must be used to cancel an order. This will guarantee that your cancellation is processed quickly. Your subscription will not be canceled if you send a cancellation request via email, which is not considered appropriate.

Casino Backlinks Payments handles all transactions related to our hosting service. They have been designated as our hosting products’ sole reseller and account merchant. Unless otherwise specified, Casino Backlinks does not handle any payments for any other goods or services. Instead, also we handle all payments directly through the designated payment processor, such as PayPal.

All clients, including those who signed up for a trial period, are eligible for refunds in the first month of their membership for up to 30 days after initial registration. Once a payment has been made after this time frame, it cannot be reimbursed unless there are obviously exceptional circumstances.

In the case that you are unable to pay, we will grant you a 14-day grace period to allow you to replace lost or stolen cards, among other things. After this time, your subscription will be terminated and your domains will be temporarily suspended before being deleted. After this time, if you want to reactivate your account, you will not be eligible for a free trial period. And will instead be charged for the 14 days of free hosting you received during the grace period.

Your domains, all backups, and any other pertinent data will be erased if an account is canceled and will not be retrievable by us. PBN Casino Backlinks does not in any way assume responsibility for this data loss.

Usage Police

Any of the following content is not permitted to be posted on any of our servers:

  • Content with a criminal bent (including copyrighted material)
  • Software privacy websites
  • Hateful websites or content that can be construed as libelous or defamatory

Representatives of PBN Backlinks will decide whether any content meets the aforementioned standards or not. To examine websites hosted on our servers for content that violates these rules, we may utilize automated tools.

Users whose sites include any of the content mentioned above risk having their services temporarily suspended. PBN Casino Backlinks will then get in touch with them. Also, offer them the chance to delete the offending information before their services are restored.

Email Usage Policies:

PBN Casino Backlinks opposes users of our system sending unsolicited emails (also known as junk email or SPAM). All services used by users that send unsolicited emails through our system will be momentarily suspended. The services will subsequently be restored if PBN Casino Backlinks contacts them and informs them of the suspension. If the same mistake is made repeatedly, the service could be terminated without a monetary refund.

Heavy Usage of Non-US/EU-Based CDN Points of Presence:

We anticipate that the US and Europe will account for the lion’s share of the traffic to your websites. We may ask you to switch from your current CDN provider to one of our choices. If your sites are utilizing unreasonably high amounts of bandwidth from CDN points of presence that are not headquartered in the US or the EU. Also may ask you to migrate your site to a different CDN provider. If your site receives more than 25% of non-US/EU POP traffic.

Illegal Activities:

Customers utilize our system for unlawful purposes, such as but not limited to hacking into remote systems, credit card fraud, theft, vandalism, threats, or violence. Also will have their accounts immediately terminated without any refund of money.

Right To Refuse Service:

Anyone may be denied service at any time for any reason, according to PBN Casino Backlinks. To provide our system’s users with a professional setting, we enforce this policy. Programs that consume an excessive amount of CPU, memory, bandwidth, or disc space fall under this category. Any amount that significantly lowers server performance is considered to be excessive. The only party with the authority to define what constitutes decreased server performance is PBN Casino Backlinks. We occasionally permit high usage depending on the circumstances. However, extra charges can be incurred.

Fair Usage Policy:

You may learn more about how to use the fair policy, as well as its supplementary terms and conditions, below. As there are presently no general account restrictions on our packages, such as general limits on bandwidth or storage space. We do have a fair use policy in place. Generally speaking, we don’t think a PBN website is too big for PBN hosting if it is less than a very generous 4GB in size. Any website that violates our fair usage policy will be deemed so by us. Based on variables and data that provide us with average user data, such as disc space or bandwidth. We will deem this to be outside of our fair policy if you are exceeding these averages by a larger margin than usual.

Regardless of whether an account has violated the fair usage policy or not, we maintain the right to add disc space or bandwidth limits to that account. We reserve the right to impose this limitation whenever we see fit. We might do so in order to continue offering our clients a competent. Also competitive service, among other things, or because of rising costs and shifting price structures.

General terms of service

When “We,” “Us,” and “Our” are used in the content, they include PBN links or any entity acting under the implied direction of casino backlinks. The terms “you” and “your” refer to the person ordering the services as well as anyone following the customer’s instructions. The service buyer and any other person following the service buyer’s directions are both considered “Members.” “Server” refers to the computer server hardware used in the delivery of the Services. “Web Site” refers to the space on the server that we have given to you to use as a website on the Internet.

This Agreement is part of the TOS. PBN Backlinks retains the right to change this policy at any time, with the new terms taking effect. As soon as they are posted at this website address: https://buypbnbacklinks.com/. The parties concur on the following, which will be in effect for the duration of this agreement, in exchange for the mutual covenants set forth herein:

Web Site Hosting And Email

We make no claims or warranties regarding the reliability or quality of any information obtained by anybody using the Server. We disclaim all responsibility for any loss or damage to any data held on the Server.

Regarding any loss or damage to data kept on the Server, you must implement and maintain suitable insurance coverage.

You guarantee, undertake, and represent to us that you will only use the Web site that has been assigned to you for legal purposes. You specifically pledge, guarantee, and represent to us that:

  • You will not, and you won’t authorize or permit anyone. Also use the Server in any way that violates any law, regulation, or the rights of any third party.
  • Any content that PBN Casino Backlinks deems to be illegal, threatening, abusive, malicious, defamatory, obscene, pornographic. Also, blasphemous, profane, or otherwise objectionable will not be posted, linked to, or transmitted by you.
  • Any content that has a virus or another malicious computer application.
  • Any content that violates any patent, trademark, design right, copyright, or other intellectual property right or similarly situated right of any person. Also, that may exist under the laws of any jurisdiction, or that encourages the commission of a criminal offense.

Without prior warning, We reserve the right to delete any content from Your website that We find objectionable. Warez, underage adult, illegal pornographic, and copyrighted MP3 content are not hosted by us.

You must keep your password and other security information private and must contact us right. Once you become aware of any known or suspected unauthorized use of your account or security breach. Such as the loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of your password or other security information.

Also, you must follow any rules we may occasionally impose and refrain from using the Server in a way that interferes with our other clients.

You must ensure that all mail is sent in compliance with applicable laws, including data protection laws, and in a timely manner.

To post content that is off-topic based on the group’s charter, other owner-published FAQs. Or description to any Usenet newsgroup, forum, email mailing list, or other similar group or list. to send bulk emails, whether they are opt-in or not, or both.

Using a server offered by PBN Casino Backlinks to carry out any of the aforementioned activities while channeling them through the services of another provider or using a PBN Casino Backlinks server as a mail drop for responses.

To intentionally falsify user data that has been given to PBN Casino Backlinks or other service users in connection with the use of a PBN Casino Backlinks service.

Repercussions for Violations

PBN Casino Backlinks will launch an investigation as soon as it learns of a purported violation of its Acceptable Use Policy. PBN Casino Backlinks may impose access restrictions on Members during the investigation in order to stop any potential future unauthorized behavior. Also, PBN Casino Backlinks may, in its sole discretion, restrict, suspend, or terminate the Member’s account and/or pursue additional civil remedies depending on the seriousness of the violation. If the violation becomes a crime, PBN Casino Backlinks will report it to the relevant law enforcement agency.

You are accountable for any expenses PBN Casino Backlinks incurs as a result of your breaking these terms and conditions. This includes, but is not limited to, attorney fees and expenses related to Postmaster replies to complaints from and the cleanup of unauthorized bulk mailings, news server violations, and unwanted commercial mailings.

Any downtime brought on by service disablement as a result of Policy violations is not subject to service credits from PBN Casino Backlinks.

Any access to networks connected to PBN Casino Backlinks shall be subject to the terms and conditions applicable to such networks.

While we will make every effort to maintain the Server’s integrity and security, We cannot guarantee that it will be free from malicious users or hackers, and We shall have no liability for the non-receipt, misrouting, or failure of any email.

By going into Your Dashboard (for confirmation) and requesting cancellation of services, you can stop using the Services at any time. Through the PBN Casino Backlinks.com customer interface, you can also modify, alter, or cancel your subscription.

Service Availability

We will make a reasonable effort to keep the Server and the Services available to You at all times, but We will not in any way be held responsible for service interruptions or server downtime.

Anytime and for any reason, we reserve the right to suspend the Services without prior notice, but if the suspension will last or is anticipated to remain longer than seven days, we will let you know why. It is Your responsibility as a reseller or sub-client to handle a backup for any sites that may be yours or ones that are under You. Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse services or hosting to any client as we see fit, with no consequences.

Only You are authorized to use Your account with Us and the Services offered to You under this Agreement. You are only permitted to utilize one log-in session per account at any given time. Users may only run user applications during log-in sessions, therefore if you have numerous accounts, you are only allowed one at a time. We reserve the right to immediately terminate the Services. this Agreement if it is discovered that Your account has been transferred to another person or displays other behavior that violates this subclause.


All fees payable by You for the Services must be paid in full prior to Us providing the service and must be in compliance with the scale of fees and rates that We periodically announce on Our website. Even if all pricing is guaranteed while receiving prepayment, we have the right to adjust it at any moment.

Following the date the Services were formed, payment is payable every anniversary month, quarter, or year until closure notice is issued. If you decide to pay with a credit or debit card, you give PBN Casino Backlinks or our designated reseller(s) permission to charge your card for account renewal fees.

You can pay for everything in your home currency. If any amount payable is not paid on or before the due date, We shall be entitled to immediately suspend the provision of Services to You, without limiting our other rights and remedies under this Agreement.


We may immediately suspend the Services and/or terminate this Agreement without giving you prior notice if you fail to pay any sums owed to Us as they become due.

If you violate any of these terms and conditions, we have the right to immediately suspend the Services and/or end this Agreement without giving you prior notice.

We shall have the right to immediately suspend the Services and/or terminate this Agreement without giving You prior notice if You are a corporation and You suffer from insolvent liquidation, the appointment of an administrator or administrative receiver, or enter into a voluntary arrangement with Your creditors.

By entering into the Customer Dashboard (for verification) and requesting cancellation of services, you can stop using the Services at any time.

You are entitled to a complete, no-questions-asked refund during the first 30 days of service, with the exception of the circumstances outlined in the sections. also, You must submit a support request using our support system in order to request this reimbursement. You are not eligible for a refund if the service is used after the first 30 days.

If you have ever had an account with PBN Casino Backlinks before, regardless of the plan or service. Also, you will not be eligible for a refund on these grounds.


You agree to defend, hold harmless, and indemnify Us from and against any violation of these business terms by You as well as any third-party claim arising out of Our provision of Services to You and Your use of the Services and the Server, including without limitation any and all liabilities, losses, damages, costs, and expenses (including reasonable legal costs and expenses), however, suffered or incurred by Us.

Limitation Of Liability

The implied warranties of satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose, as well as all other conditions, terms, representations, and warranties relating to the Services provided under this Agreement that are not expressly stated in these terms and conditions, are hereby excluded, subject in all respects to the subclause.

Nothing in these terms and conditions shall limit our responsibility for wrongful death or other personal injuries brought on by our carelessness.

Our entire cumulative liability to You for any claim based on a breach of contract, tort (including negligence), or other legal theory, or otherwise, arising out of or related to the supply of the Services, shall not exceed the fees paid by You for the relevant Services.

In any case, no claim may be made unless You have informed Us of it within a year of its occurrence. We are never going to be responsible to You for any lost revenue. Also, contracts, profits, or projected savings, or for any other kind of economic or indirect damage.

You are in charge of keeping an eye on how much disc space and bandwidth your site is using. You may do this quickly from Your Control Panel. If you exceed the limit specified in your current plan, you will be charged an additional fee in accordance with our pricing system.


Any notice to be given by either party to the other may be sent by email, fax, or recorded delivery to the other party’s address as it appears. In this Agreement or ancillary application forms or such other address as such party may from time to time have communicated to the other in writing. And if sent by email shall, unless the contrary is proved, be deemed to have been received on the day it was sent. Or if sent by fax shall be deemed to have been served on receipt of an error.


Links to all the resources you need to launch your website can be found on our website. The Welcome Letter You got when We created Your account should have contained all information relevant to Your account. Please get in touch with our support team if you did not receive a welcome email. There are a number of reasons an email might not get through to you, but the primary one is if the domain for which you have contracted services is also the domain where your welcome email was sent.

Our Support System currently handles all server-related issues as part of our service’s support offering. Our Support System can only provide support in English. All support requests must go through our support system to be handled. Any other request for assistance, outside those covered by Section 8.5, shall be viewed as a violation of our TOS. You are free to get in touch with us in any way if our help system’s server goes down.


English law shall govern this Agreement and be followed in its interpretation. You agree that the UK courts have non-exclusive jurisdiction over this matter.

Support Policy & Scope

We continuously check to make sure all of our services, including those supplied by our providers, are operational. If you believe any service is not operating properly, kindly inform us via our support system. We will look into it and open a ticket with the appropriate supplier.

  • HTTP/HTTPS (Web Serving)
  • Server software
  • Server Hardware
  • What We Don’t Do (You Need to Do)

We will go out of our way for you since we want to assist you in hosting your websites.

Also, We are not your tech support or web designer, and we are not here to assist you with debugging and troubleshooting script or web application-related problems. Or problems brought on by WordPress themes or plugins.

You are responsible for:

  • Keeping sufficient backups of your websites, All of our plans include backups. However, we can’t be held accountable if something goes wrong technically or if our backups get lost. Always maintain your own as well.
  • Registering and renewing domain names in accordance with the applicable registry’s rules
  • Including setup adjustments for domain names Identity Servers
  • Configuring an email client
  • Configuring an FTP client
  • WordPress and all other scripts or programmers on your hosting account
  • We shall tenaciously adhere to this Support Policy in order to give every one of our customers a solid and long-lasting hosting alternative. We can recommend someone who can help only if you need specific WordPress support beyond the bounds of this agreement.

SEO & PBN Advice

During any free trial or money-back period, free guidance is not offered. We will only share our recommendations with loyal customers.

Unless otherwise specified or notified, our advice is provided without charge. For advice that falls outside the usual purview, we reserve the right to charge. For instance, something that would take a long time to prepare

You are aware that no assurances can be made regarding the outcome of our recommendations when you use our services. This excludes any assurances on the improvement of rankings or the durability of the rankings or indexing.

You agree not to hold PBN Casino Backlinks liable for any rankings declines, search engine penalties. Also, other adverse effects that result in lost sales or other financial losses.

PBN Casino Backlinks may be held accountable for any liabilities that result from the advice we give you at this time or in the future.

Where necessary, PBN Casino Backlinks will offer you advice and direction. But by following such advice or doing so, you affirm that you are doing so of your own free choice. That you take full responsibility for the results of doing so in every way. Whatever the case, you either completely, partially, or not at all followed our advice.

If you follow our instructions, you agree that PBN Casino Backlinks is not liable for any problems you run into with technology, website malfunctions, lost revenue, or anything else.

We reserve the right to impose additional costs, consistent with our standard rates, for these services. Should we run across more issues while working for you? That we did not anticipate and that require numerous additional hours of effort? Before moving further, we will first let you know how much this will cost and that payment must be paid in full. This portion of the service will not be included in the purchase. If you choose to keep within your initial budget, allowing us to maintain the original rate.

There are no refunds available. not entirely or partly.

PBN Domains

if you do not give us the ID for the domain provider that we have asked for. 10 days after our request, if possible. The domains’ ownership will then go back to PBN Casino Backlinks. After this period, we are not required to transfer the domain to you, and you forfeit all ownership rights to the domains. Absolutely no reimbursements will be given or received in any way.

PBN Link Sales

Refunds are not offered in any situation. You certify that you are satisfied and understand that the order is final once payment has been received. Whatever the case,

You commit to never attempting to get a refund through a payment partner. If you do, you acknowledge that the expense of our defense will be borne entirely by you. Additionally, our time is priced at $100 per hour with a $500 minimum. You acknowledge that you are responsible for paying not just this expense. Also the legal, enforcement, and other fees related to obtaining payment from you.

The price will be the same as the original order amount if you want the links deleted.

When placing your order, you certify that you are aware of this without reservation and agree that no requests or refunds, in whole or in part, will be honored.

when the money has been paid. Cancellations are not permitted. Not entirely or partially. when the money has been paid. You acknowledge and agree that the order cannot be canceled.

If we decide that a link to your website is no longer appropriate to maintain, we reserve the right to remove it. This might be done for ethical, abusive, or other reasons. which we solely decide based on our own judgment.